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Chances are that if you're reading this, you are someone who is working with the Drupal CMS. Over the years, those who have worked up through versions have seen leaps and bounds on the way it handles content and ensures a great audience experience. But, there may have been moments when the media management sides of things left a little to be desired. It may be hard to locate files you've uploaded before, tricky to re-use images, or difficult to avoid old versions of PDFs popping up when searching the site.

As Drupal matures into an Enterprise level CMS, media has been at the forefront. So our Core Platform, which is powered by Drupal, now offers four hugely powerful benefits out of the box.

4 ways to make media more manageable

  1. You can add extra information to your items when you upload them. From file specific things, like flagging different levels of copyright on images, to the team who created it, or any other information you want a set field for. The potential for ensuring that media is handled well through its lifetime on the site is huge.  
  2. A Media browser to look at what you have on your site - simple and effective. It is a one stop shop to view, edit and use your media. This will make it easier to centrally provide standard imagery to your contributors, or bulk manage media.  
  3. Media files can be updated centrally, so if there’s a new version of a PDF, data set, or branded imagery you can do it in one place only. This is a huge time saver and also means that you no longer run the risk of users getting the wrong version of a file.   
  4. Tagging items means that as well as the extra information you can add to it, you can also use your existing or specific taxonomies to classify all uploads. This is a shift up from sorting things into folders, as you can add as many tags as you want. This means you can be as granular as you need to be in saying what a file is and who it is for. 

There is a lot going on in the Media space, so it is well worth learning more about if you are thinking of moving on Drupal 8 or 9. If you would like a demo please get in touch!